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OwnersHub is the modern way to sell real estate yourself, using all of the tools the pros use. When the opportunity presents itself, take real estate agents out of the equation and earn more when selling. 


Be Your Own Agent

OwnersHub allows you to post your listing within the Seller’s portal. OwnersHub’s Licensed Realtors then post your property for sale within the MLS, as you have defined. The listing is also posted to popular tools such as, Zillow, and other well-known marketing platforms. Studies have shown that properties are sold at maximum value and approximately 17% higher sales price when marketed through the MLS. Homes are sold as a result of the MLS and not as a result of a percentage-based listing. You can do this! … You just need the right tools. You need OwnersHub.

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Sellers save an average of $15,000 using OwnersHub. (based on a $500K average sales price)



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No One Knows Your Property Better than You

Selling your home shouldn’t be hard and it really isn’t difficult. You just need the right tools. Sell your property like a pro and save thousands. Sell through OwnersHub.

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Be your own agent. We empower owners with the same tools used by industry experts. Details below.

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“Sold my home in less than 3 weeks using OwnersHub and I saved over $21,000 vs. listing with a local agent!”

Nick Odenmer
Home Owner

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Frequently Asked Questions
Still have questions?

OwnersHub is a real estate brokerage that is committed to providing customers with accessibility to tools required to sell their property themselves. OwnersHub empowers owners without charging percentage-based commissions. Commonly referred to as the Legal Zoom of Real Estate by our customers, OwnersHub provides a gateway to the MLS® and the tools needed to market, sell, and close an owner’s property without paying percentage-based commissions.

Three different packages are offered. The difference between the packages is the amount of change orders within the MLS® that an owner can request at no additional cost, pre-paid meetings with OwnersHub licensees, and the amount of tools included to help market your home for sale. ALL plans include the tools needed to sell your own property through the MLS®. 

Our systems were created with you in mind. The systems are designed for the general populous and are formatted to be as user-friendly as possible. OwnersHub has several video tutorials to assist along the way. Selling your home shouldn’t be complicated and it’s not when you are in control.

Yes! Greed is what fuels the current real estate industry. Percentage-based listing contracts are a thing of the past and OwnersHub, in partnership with you, is set to prove it. Our one-time service fee is paid once you sell your residential property using the OwnersHub toolbox. OwnersHub provides you with the tools you need to list your property for sale in the MLS® and other popular marketing systems. This is the modern way of selling your own real estate. 

Owners select one of the OwnersHub plans. Once the plan is selected, OwnersHub sends the login information to the HUB via email. This login will provide the property owner with their HUB portal. The portal allows the owner to submit the information they want marketed through the MLS® and other marketing gateways to the public. The portal also provides valuable tools and help videos to assist with everything from the marketing of the property  to vendors, to use throughout the escrow to closing.

Law permits a property owner to represent themselves as it relates to the buy, sell, lease, or exchange of real property (your property). You are not required to use a real estate brokerage, but OwnersHub provides you with a marketing platform to the MLS®. Bright Research Firm performed a study that showed properties marketed through the MLS® sell at approximately 17% higher sales price than those that are not. A study also noted that just below 90% of residential properties that change ownership are sold as a direct result of the property being posted to the MLS®, and not because of specific real estate licensee marketing. Don’t let a commission-based licensee talk you into potentially tens of thousands of dollars in commissions when you can sell your own property. You just need the right tools to do so and OwnersHub is here to empower you with the resources to sell and close.

Not only do flat-fee listings tend to be a percentage or higher in fee structure, the real estate licensees that promote these often do so as a marketing lead-in to try to persuade the seller to purchase more services or talk the seller into a larger fee structure. Let’s be clear, OwnersHub does not want to be your agent. You are your own agent. Partner with OwnerHub to sell your property and save thousands by being your own agent.  

Though the OwnersHub system is designed to provide you with everything you need to be your own agent, questions can come up. Use our contact form to ask away.  

Be Your Own Agent

Activate your OwnersHub and sell your property by owner today.

In addition to listing on the MLS, your home will also be showcased on hundreds of real estate websites that buyers visit when seeking a home.