How it works

What is OwnersHub?

OwnersHub is the modern way to sell your own home, using all of the tools the pros use. When the opportunity presents itself, take real estate agents out of the equation and earn more when selling.  

A listing posted through the MLS

Access to template contracts

Access to tutorials and guidance throughout the listing and sales process

Access to vendors commonly used throughout real estate transactions

Support from real estate licensees when necessary

  • Stop paying real estate broker and agent commissions when selling your house
  • Sell your residential real estate property yourself for top dollar using the patent-pending Seller’s Toolbox
  • Have your home represented on MLS and Zillow
  • YOU CAN DO THIS privately, on your own. YOU just need the tools.

OwnersHub creates a portal for sellers to list and sell their own home using pro tools such as:

Selling your own home? You know your home best and FEDERAL LAW allows you to list and sell your own property without paying real estate commissions. You just need the tools. OwnersHub will support you to eliminate Realtor commissions and retain more of your money. You need OwnersHub.

Don’t spend another dime on percentage-based residential Real Estate commissions.

The seller will dictate what information they wish to portray within the MLS through the seller’s portal, at which point a licensed Realtor will then follow the seller’s directive to post the listing to the MLS on the seller’s behalf.